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Welcome to our store

Our sympathies to anyone who is currently under water and desperately trying to look after not only themselves but their animals. Hugely difficult times and no easy answers.

A popular new product might be of interest - GUMLEAF wellies. We have been wearing them ourselves now for over 9 months - a REAL test before we started to stock them. Ideal for work around the yard or walking the dogs. Made in Europe, neoprene lined for warmth and a high rubber content. Job done - they come with our recommendation.

Best wishes.

WORM EGG COUNTS - the best way forward... BUT NOW IS NOT THE TIME....!!!!
Once the cold has come there is no point in carrying out Worm Egg Counts, they will have gone into something similar to hibernation (called encysted). This will then lead to a false reading.  Best to wait until the warmth comes back in Spring. If you have to worm now, then check with your SQP (or give us a call). There are a couple of products that will deal with this type of worm, you just can't count them first!
Watch out for all our New Products!
Gastro Kalm (for problems with guts). A high quality activated hardwood charcoal specifically designed for horses with digestive problems. It is highly porous and absorbs excess acid & toxins to be safely excreted from the digestive tract.
GumLeaf Clothing. We have taken delivery of our first batch of wellie boots. This is after 6 months of personal testing and trials. We LOVE them. All the details are on their website (, made in Europe, with high quality materials. We have no hesitation in recommending them.
Our policy is to stay with the quality brands that we know work and give best value for money. Alongside those, we continue to search for the hidden gems that are less high profile, but lovely to own! We still remain competitively priced - but with an unbeatable service level.
We always welcome your feedback, positive and negative - and will never take offence to advice given. Please feel free to comment via the "Contact Us" page.
Very best wishes from all of us at EquineCountryStore
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