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There is a growing interest in silicon as an essential life supporting element for all living organisms. For equine bone health this interest has resulted in the launch of several silicon food supplements. These contain silicon as silicon dioxide (SiO2) compounds. Silicon in this form cannot be absorbed directly. These silicon compounds have to be attacked in the horse`s stomach by gastric acids and digestive enzymes to be transformed into silicic acid, the bio available form of silicon. This bio available form of silicon is inherently unstable and will quickly form higher molecular weight polymers that are not bio available. Therefore silicic acid could not be stabilized in a food supplement.

Scientists have recently found a way to create and stabilize colloidal micro particles of silicic acid that dissolute into highly bio available silicic acid upon dilution. They even found a way to cluster it with minerals like selenium and zinc that increase its effectiveness. Such developments, over the last eight years, have resulted in Equi Elements, the best source of bio available silicon in a low-dose synergetic formulation with selenium and zinc.

The beneficial effects of Equi Elements
- improves your horse`s bone and joint health and strength.
- Your horse can race or compete with reduced risk of bone and joint related injuries.
- Equine athletes` careers can be extended when horses suffer less from bone and joint related injuries.
- Improved energy and endurance for athletes.
- Improved bone remodelling.
- Elimination of bone spurs and calcification.
- Improved immune system function.

Brand/Manufacturer: Collegiate

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