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Product Information

James Hart - Staying Power

Unique formulation to support muscle function to aid endurance and stamina and speed recovery after exercise
Suitable for use in competition horses
Backed up by scientific study

Equine Herbals Staying Power is formulated to support the horse's muscle function and speed recovery after exercise.

In supplying the highest liquid concentration of Schisandra, Staying Power helps fight fatigue and is of benefit to horses in hard work, the veteran, and those with a history of poor muscle function or muscle damage.

Principally, Schisandra supports liver function, therefore increasing the horse's ability to remove toxins, such as lactic acid, from the body and thus enhances exercise tolerance.

In a study, Schisandra has been shown to increase stamina and reduce fatigue in racehorses and show-jumping horses.

In both cases, the horses that received Schisandra had lower heart rates and respiratory frequencies, increased plasma glucose and decreased lactate levels suggesting that Schisandra improved lactate clearance by the liver and reduced the amount of lactic acid build up in the first instance.

Understanding the benefit that Staying Power can be to horses competing in all disciplines, the formulation does not contain any ingredients currently recognised to contravene the Jockey Club, FEI or BSJA rules regarding prohibited substances.

Typically, 5-20ml of Staying Power will be introduced into a horse's morning and evening feeds for a couple of days before a competition, during the competition and for a couple of days after the competition but under normal circumstances should be safe to use for several weeks if necessary.

Specialist herbal advice and product support on all James Hart Solutions Equine Herbals is available through the website


Brand/Manufacturer: James Hart Solutions

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