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Product Information

V-Calm James Hart Solutions

Fast-acting calmer with results noticed in 30minutes with some horses
Backed by scientific study to show safe withdrawal period for competition..
Liquid supplement containing the highest (1:2) concentration of Valerian known in the UK market

Rapidly absorbed, Equine Herbals V-Calm works to calm fractious, over anxious or nervous horses, and is suitable for training, travelling or under stressful situations such as clipping.

V-Calm contains no fillers, only high quality liquid extract of the herb Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) in an ethanol base at the highest (1:2) concentration available on the market.

In many horses an effect can be seen in under thirty minutes with peak effect at around one hour.

The success of Valerian as a calming herb has led to its use in FEI, BD, BSJA, BE and under Jockey Club rules being prohibited.

However latest research by leading herbalists, James and Vanessa Hart, in conjunction with New Zealand Racing Laboratory Services concludes that the selected marker compounds for Valerian administration were not detected in plasma (blood) samples at 9hr post administration nor in urine samples at 26hr or more post administration of an ethanolic extract of Valerian.

In some horses, however, the calming effect of V-Calm continued beyond the period in which it was detectable.

Therefore current guidance on the use of V-Calm advises withdrawal of V-Calm as close as 36 hours before competition and in those horses requiring further calming assistance, introduction of Equine Herbals competition calmer, EquiCalm is recommended.

Specialist herbal advice and product support on all James Hart Solutions Equine Herbals is available through the website

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V-CALM Fast-acting Calmer Valerian Fractious Anxious Nervous James Hart Solutions

Brand/Manufacturer: James Hart Solutions

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