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Arnica montana - Leopard`s Bane - 200c Tablets

Arnica montana - Leopard`s Bane - 200c Tablets

Product Information

Arnica is a remedy that no barn or stable should be without.
Use Arnica for the shock that accompanies injury or trauma. It is used primarily for muscle soreness and bruising due to blunt trauma but also can be useful as a first approach to overstrain. Arnica prevents the development of bruises and hemorrhages, hastens healing and can prevent septic infections from occurring after an injury. The horse who needs Arnica will feel sore, might become lame, and might also resist approach due to anticipation of pain. Arnica can help to calm the horse that is afraid to be touched or vetted after an injury.
Arnica should also be considered for any symptoms that develop post-injury. This is especially true if your horse seems fundamentally different in temperament after a trauma or injury. Head injuries are notorious for causing persistent symptoms long after the original injury appears to be healed.
General indications or modalities:
Painful to the touch and fear or apprehension about being touched
Horse has a hard time finding a comfortable position
Worse with motion but better after continued motion
Conditions that respond to Arnica:
Bruising; shock; accidents/mechanical injuries; fear of touch and being approached; over-exertion/sprains; mental trauma or grief; high fever with hot head and cold body

Brand/Manufacturer: Equus Health

Product Code: w312223


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