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Rhus toxicodendron - Poison Ivy - 200c Tablets

Rhus toxicodendron - Poison Ivy - 200c Tablets

Product Information

This remedy can be likened to a rhusty gate that is resistant to movement until someone opens and closes it a few times after which the motion is easier. With stiffness, lameness, or swelling of joints such as the knee, the horse will move poorly after rest and then improve to a point but will find its work very painful. It will become stiff and �gel� each time it rests. Horses that need this remedy are often restless but not out of impatience or anxiety�it is rather that they cannot find a comfortable position so they shift their weight constantly.
The modalities of Rhus toxicodendron are conditions that are much worse from cold, better from heat, and an indicator to the use of this remedy can be a horse that is always stiffer in the coolness of the morning or in cold damp weather.
This remedy might also be indicated in skin conditions where there is an itchy patch with tiny blisters�as in a case of poison oak. (Horses are generally immune to poison oak and often enjoy eating it.) Skin conditions that respond to Rhus toxicodendron have soft, fluid swelling or blisters and are worse from dampness and cold wetness, especially rain. These skin problems respond well to warm applications and, like other Rhus toxicodendron conditions, are better with motion.
General indications or modalities:
Stiffness, especially after rest
Better with movement, as in inflammation or lameness that goes away after the warm-up
Better in warm dry weather
Worse in cold wet weather
Conditions that respond to Rhus Toxicodendron:
Arthritis, joint inflammation and swelling, stiffness relieved by motion. Skin eruptions with little blisters

Brand/Manufacturer: Equus Health

Product Code: w312226


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