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Thymly Wormwood Garlic

Thymly Wormwood Garlic

Product Information

Equus Thymly Wormwood Garlic TWG

A natural way to combat worms

Thymly Wormwood Garlic (TWG)- a blend of three, time proven products to help you manage the worm burden. TWG produces an inhospitable environment for equine worms.

Wormwood; Extremely powerful in its action, and works well on its own, but has become less fashionable in recent years due to chemical wormers being replaced for gut cleansing jobs.
Thyme; a herb well known historically for its action on the gut and respiratory system.
Garlic; well documented, and remaining ever popular for its efficient actions on the respiratory, blood and digestive systems, as well as ‘hating’ flying insects.
Thyme and Garlic work well together, magnifying their efficiency of all the above.
Thymly Wormwood Garlic (TWG)
At last a serious supplement, which every horse needs without fail, so don’t let your equine ‘wriggle’ out of this one!
Start by investing in worm count.  
If he has a worm burden; de-worm your horse! Then...
If he is ok; start Thymly Wormwood Garlic mix to keep him on the right track
Every pack includes a separate small bag of wormwood, which is to be fed for 5 days initially. For the remainder of the three months supply, you have a synergistic combination of garlic with thyme.
All three ingredients are important of course, but the powerful herb wormwood, kick starts the whole process, for which the garlic and thyme support continuously thereafter.
Ingredient lowdown;      Equus Health Thymly Wormwood Garlic
All three of the following are historically known for their dislike of an infested gut.                                                
Product low down;      Equus Health Thymly Wormwood Garlic
·         Every pack contains product for one horse for 3 months supply, and contains one 75g pack of wormwood, plus 2.6kg of Garlic and thyme mix.
·         The product is recommended for year round use; ie four packs a year
·         Costs the horse owner less than £6 per month!
·         Worm counting is strongly recommended before starting this product and regularly thereafter for efficient and strategic healthcare.
*Experts recommend ‘worm counts’  4 times a year; ideally before starting each new quarterly pack of Equus Health Thymly Wormwood Garlic.
·         Please note herbalists recommend that Wormwood is not suitable for mares in foal.

Quote from EHow.

'Which Herbs Work in Horse Worming?'

'While herbal wormers have not been scientifically tested and approved, they have been shown to be effective by thousands of satisfied horse owners. The most effective natural remedy for threadworms and roundworms is wormwood. Garlic is also effective against roundworms as well as hookworms, pinworms and tapeworms. Aloe, rue and tansy are good for all worms. Pregnant mares should not be given wormwood, aloe, or rue, however, as they can lead to premature contractions or other complications. Other effective herbs are horseradish, red clover, ginger, thyme, cayenne pepper, and clove buds.'

Brand/Manufacturer: Equus Health

Product Code: w848100


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