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Saddle Fitting Kit

Saddle Fitting Kit

Product Information

The Perfect Saddle Fit Kit

This kit is to help you as a horse owner to be more aware of your horse saddle and it's fitting. If you find out that your saddle does not fit properly, then it is time to call out your saddle fitter to alter the saddle and to change it's shape to fit the horse. Your horse will be happier and performance will improve.

A saddle is to a horse as a shoe is to a human. If a saddle doesn't fit, if it is too tight, too big or the wrong shape, too hard, too soft or too lumpy, your horse or pony will experience discomfort and/or pain.  This discomfort and/or pain will make him unhappy and often cause tension and bad behaviour. Also, the saddle may restrict your horse's movement and make him unable to work properly or to his potential. But, even if you have a horse with no problems, it doesn't mean the saddle fits properly or is comfortable. It must be checked to be sure it fits perfectly.

If you care about your horse or pony be sure the saddle fits properly. If you care about your horse you will use The Perfect Fit Saddle Fitting Kit.


This is our basic system of measuring, though the kit shows you much more about levelness, symmetry and other factors which will make your horse perfectly comfortable in his saddle. 

Brand/Manufacturer: Various Brands

Product Code: w785424


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