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Welcome to our store

Welcome... it's begining to look like summer is finally leaving us! Let's hope that Autumn brings us some warmth and sunshine as well.

We are currently going through a major update of our website which is challenging our techies more than they would like to admit. So if you don't get your orders within 4 working days, please just drop us an email.

We have just a few precious jars of the OZVET SUN-OFFleft. This is a truely market leading sun cream and lasts for ages!!  Have you caught up with the benefits of Turmeric yet? Worth a look and some research, Facebook has 26,000 plus 'friends'!!! A natural anti-inflammatory agent that has so many other benefits as well. In addition we a unique Charcoal product called GastroKalm. Made from wood charcoal (not coconut!) it is pellet form making it easy to use. If you have a horse with gas, ulcers adn other toummy issues, well worth looking into. Charcoal has been used for years to remove toxins and poisons.
Ulcers in our horses seem to be a major topic, understanding why they are caused and how to treat them is improving. You don't have to use chemicals/drugs for all cases. There are natural products and less invasive ways forward. Start with GastroKalm, this is a great indicator for the problem, then look at the feed, (increase fibre and make sure there is adlib hay) then use Protexin Acid Ease.
We always welcome your feedback, positive and negative - and will never take offence to advice given. Please feel free to comment via the "Contact Us" page.
Very best wishes from all of us
'A bricks and mortar store for the last 40 years'
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